As a native, Henry Obispo was able to see the many problems surrounding the South Bronx first hand. The health disparities, unemployment, and lack of access were all things he knew needed to improve. Because of this, The United Business Cooperative’s efforts, focusing on sustainability, will help address many of these issues, bringing knowledge and access to the Bronx.
The Bronx Green Menu was created to address food related health disparities in the Bronx, the borough severely lacks healthy and affordable food options. By implementing the menu in 20 restaurants/eateries and expanding continuously, the UBC will help sustain and create jobs to prepare local businesses for anticipated changes in the neighborhood.
By engaging the population the Bronx Salad brings knowledge to locals to make healthy and informed choices. With this new found access, people can now live and thrive in their environments, thus diminishing food insecurity in the neighborhood. These initiatives are encompassing all the concerns and developing the Bronx into a hyperlocal system.